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This section provides a list of books by Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden available from the Centre.   The books are presented from a perspective and style that are clear and accessible to Western readers.

Path-to-elightenment-in-tibetan-buddhism_small Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism
This extensive commentary is primarily drawn from Je Tsong Khapa’s Great Exposition of the Stages of the Path. 


Hardcover, 1097 pages 4 colour photos, 26 original line illustrations

Price: Aust. $130


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Meditations-on-the-path-to-enlightenment_small Meditations on the Path to Enlightenment
Emphasises the meditation techniques necessary to build a personal meditation practice and to develop the realisations of the Mahayana path. 

601 pages, 4 colour photos, 20 line illustrations.

Price: Aust. $75

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Essence-of-the-Path-to-enlightenment_small Essence of the Path to Enlightenment
The Essence of the Path to Enlightenment presents, in a condensed form, Je Tsong Khapa’s classic explanation of the Buddha’s teachings. 

344 pages, 4 colour photos, 16 line illustrations

Price: Aust. $50

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fundamental-potential-for-enlightenment_small Fundamental Potential for Enlightenment
Analyses the potential for enlightenment from the perspectives of the two main schools of Mahayana thought the Mind-Only school and the Middle Way school. 

310 pages, 4 colour photos, 11 line illustrations

Price: Aust. $49

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