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Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden

Geshe-la’s passing will be felt deeply by thousands of people in Australia, India, Tibet and throughout the world.  For all those whose lives have been enriched by attending his peerless Dharma teachings, reading his nine precious Dharma books, his personal advice and guidance and his innumerable forms of generosity, it is difficult to express how much Geshe-la will be missed.
Geshe-la’s life has deeply inspired us: he has shown us what it really means in practical terms to practise the Dharma.  To receive the precious teachings on bodhichitta, and on the perfections of generosity, ethics, patience, energetic perseverance, concentration and wisdom is one thing; but to see Geshe-la continuously putting them into practice in his daily activities has been something else altogether.
Geshe-la’s repeated message to his students over many years has been, above all, to care for others, support others, love others, avoid harming others, to look after others more than oneself.  Geshe-la recently said, “If we spend our time on this earth in developing the special human qualities of kindness, compassion and in looking after others then our life will be useful and meaningful.” By this, and any, measure Geshe-la’s life has been supremely useful and meaningful.  We pray that he will return to us very quickly, quickly and continue to give us teachings and inspire our Dharma practice.
Born in 1924, Geshe-la become a monk at the age of seven.  Completing his study of all divisions of Buddhist philosophy, he was awarded the highest possible degree, the Geshe Lharampa.  Among the candidates examined he was graded first.  Geshe-la was one of the few Geshes selected by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to study for the Acharya (Master’s) degree at Varanasi’s Sanskrit university in India.  He then went on to gain a Master’s qualification in Vajrayana Buddhism after six years’ study at Gyudmed Tantric College.
About the Sydney Centre
The Sydney centre currently has 2 monks in residence: Venerable Geshe Thubten Chöden and Venerable Chris Watkins.
The vision of the Sydney Centre is to provide a spiritual home offering the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden for its members and the wider community.
Activities at the Sydney Centre include:
  • providing a teaching program that meets the community and member needs
  • creating an environment that is conducive to study and meditation
  • growing the Centre and its community
  • raising funds to purchase a Centre
The Centre is managed by the following directors:
Rod Lee
Nancy Carlisle
Michelle Cross
Centre activities and the resident Sangha community are funded through donations from students.